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Specializing in the manufacture of Extrusion dies for gussets, Wall panels,

Corners, Etc.We are committed to providing you with a full range of services.

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Specializing in manufacturing button plate, wallboard, corner and other extrusion die,

we are committed to providing you with all-round services.

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Foaming die

The rapid foaming mould has unique design, reasonable structure, good foaming effect, high yield, high wear resistance and stable production.
Product advantages
1, fire and moisture resistance does not deform
2, a variety of styles with the heart
3, health and environmental protection, no pollution, zero formaldehyde
4, lightweight, long service life
5, low thermal conductivity, which is conducive to heat preservation and energy saving
6, anti-friction, easy to clean, low maintenance costs
7, high hardness, impact resistance, strong impact resistance
Product Details / Basic Information
Mold material: 2Cr13, 3Cr17, 45#, aluminum plate, 3Cr17NiMov, Great Wall Special Steel 4Cr13, Metallurgical Steel 1.2316
Mold debugging: in-plant debugging, customer in-plant debugging
Production capacity: 80 sets / month
Mode of transport: road transport, rail transport, sea transport, air transport
Payment method: 40% prepayment, 50% delivery, 10% commissioning
After-sales service: respond and provide solutions within 24 hours
Packing: tray packaging
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